Websites Done Right!

What good is a fantastic looking website if the search engines ignore it?

We have had numerous companies referred to us by other clients for the same reason. These companies spent a ton of money having a new website designed, as while it looks great, it doesn't show up in any of the major search engines. In almost every case, it only takes us 5 minutes to tell them why. A review of the source code shows that while the site designer may be great with graphics and layout - they know little to nothing about how the search engines work. The company's bright, shiny new website will never do what they wanted - bring in new business.

Since we've been doing this since 1996, we know not only how to make a great looking website, but how to code it for the best Search Engine Optimization results - and it won't cost you a ton of money!

Website and Shopping Cart Design

You don't have to spend a ton of money getting a fully custom designed website. One that will not only look great, but will be functional, AND SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY. Since our primary business is server-side software development, we keep up on all the latest website technologies. The websites we do range from simple one-page "company brochure" sites to ones utilizing Flash, streaming audio/video, custom user interaction functions and more. Any function you've seen on other sites, we can do.

More importantly (see left sidebar), we design sites that can be properly Search Engine Optimized.

Below is a sampling of some of the sites we have designed. Click on a thumbnail to launch a full-size image of the site. Scroll to the bottom of that image and click the Close button to return to this page.

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