Online Checks

Our Online Check system is in use by companies in the following industries:

County Governments

Insurance Agencies

Insurance Companies


Transport Companies

Service Companies


A/P Departments



Medical Offices

Car Dealers

Property Management

Our "Off The Shelf" Software Solutions

Online Checks

Our online check technology is absolutely the best system for instantly accepting checks online, by phone, by fax. It includes a secure online form for your customers to complete, you are instantly notified of new checks via email, and no re-keying of data is required.

Your checks are in ready-to-print PDF format - just print and take to the bank! This system is web-based so all you need is Internet access and a printer.

The small annual fee allows you to print up to 200 checks per month. There is never a per check, per transaction or discount fee!

Upgrade options such as recurring payments, multiple payees (accepting checks under more than one company name) and more are available!

The basic Vcheck system offers you everything you need to start accepting checks by phone, by fax, or on the Internet. The only cost is small annual fee with no additional per check, per transaction, or discount fees!

Professonal and Enterpise versions are available for those processing more than 200 checks per month.

We have a standard version available for general business, and a special version for the insurance industry.

Specialized Form Processing

Over the years, we have developed a multitude of specilized form processing scripts that run on our secure servers. We offer use of these scripts for a nominal monthly fee.

Standard Form Hosting: You form resides on our secure server and the results of your forms are emailed directly to you.

Multi-Part Form Hosting: Your basic order form resides on your site - and can be designed any way you wish and updated by you at will. The customer is transferred to our secure server to provide their credit card details. The data from your original form and the secure credit card form are combined and either emailed to you (Standard Forms Hosting) or databased (See Database Hosting Below).

Gateway Database Hosting: This is a very robust service. The major benefit is that all sensitive data such as credit card information is kept on the secure server and you must securely log into the server to retrieve the full order.

Mirror Image Processing: As you probably know, most form processors simply take the raw data from a form and send it to you in a plain text format. In other words, the results of the form look absolutely nothing like the original form. If it is important for your form results to look just like the original form - our special processor does just that!

Form Data Merge into PDF Document: This system allows the data fields provided by a form to be merged into other documents and converted to a PDF file. A good example of this would be a form that takes the necessary data such as name, address, and such, and merges that data into a pre-set legal contract and produces a document that can not be edited.

If you are interested in our specialized form processing service, use the form on our Contact Us page so we can discuss your specific needs.