Completed Projects

Below is a partial list of the entities for which we have completed projects:

Los Angeles County Tresurer and Tax Collector

Nevada County Tresurer and Tax Collector

Nevada County Community Development Agency

Denver Parks and Recreation

First Prosperity Bank of Texas

GKL Corporate Search Services

Peak Learning Systems, Inc.

Encore Music

Digifilm Interactive Studio

Information Systems of Georgia

Advanced Automation, Inc.

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc.

RV Advisors, LLC

Software House International

Yuke and Associates, Inc.


Bleachers International, Inc.

Penney & Associates, PC


Kudos (When "References" won't fit on the button)

We have been in the Internet related software business since 1996. We have completed a myriad of programming projects from custom input forms to the online check collection system currently in use by hundreds of government agencies, insurace agents, along with small and large companies.

Obviously, we could say whatever we want about our work to impress potential customers - but we prefer to let our past and present customers do that for us:

"A quick thank you for the excellent work and simplification of what around here, was perceived as a complex situation! Your solution met our needs, budget and timeframe perfectly.

As the Client Relations manager for a small business, I understand the need for responsive customer service, and I must say I appreciate your approach. More often than not I find too many businesses that hype the sell and what they are going to do, only to fall short when it comes to service and support. Software solutions performed exactly as promised delivering an excellent product and superior service. I look forward to continuing our relationship for future projects!"
- Jeff Robinson, GKL Corporate Search Services

We had a complex project in mind but had no idea how to find the right people to put it together. With so many developers and programmers out there, we hoped we would just get lucky. And lucky we were.

TJ and his team were recommended to us by the famous SEO consultant Peter Kent, who said that SSNet, Inc. would get the job done right and do it very quickly. The work that TJ and his team did far exceeded our expectations. They used the latest web technologies, were creative, fast and very responsive. In addition, TJ himself is one of the nicest people you could want to do business with. We highly recommend SSNet, Inc. We would never go anywhere else.
- Holden Hinkle, Director of Encore Music Lessons

"Thanks a million, we are completely impressed with your company's service, support and personality. Hooking up with was definitely the best recommendation our webmaster could have given us. He found you on a after evaluating several sites, (and being extremely dissatisfied with our last secure host), and thought your company offered what we are looking for at a great value.

We could only hope that your professionalism matched what your company promised and you have completely exceeded our expectations. We just want you to know that we've had more response from in 4 hours than from our previous (big name company) secure host in 2 years!!!! I am going to love this business relationship. Your company is the GREATEST! One of the best business decisions we have ever made.

I am highly recommending your services to everyone that I know. For any business that wants reliable, secure and professional services is definitely the answer to their needs. Continued success to you. Thank you!"
- D. Welcome,

"Dear Mr. Walker,

Please add my comments to your testimonial site, where satisfied customers have praised you and your company.

I have worked with back-end programmers for 29 years. I respect their talents and how they make the mainframe operate as it does. However, TJ, you have been a total delight to work with. You accepted my requests for modifications without any resistance. In fact, if you remember correctly, I had to *make* you take payment for those modifications.

Through the requested modifications, and the beta-testing, and the errors those modifications caused, you remained calm, professional, and total delight to work with. The hours grew late, I grew tired, and you should have been tired, but you never indicated that you were perplexed or bewildered, not even grouchy.

I wish that ALL of corporate America could know you. I wish they knew how much it means to have a "satisfied" customer. Most corporations only see dollar signs when they see customers. You are an example that surpasses them all.

If you need me for a reference, please don't hesitate to give anyone my name and e-mail address, and telephone number. Day or night, I will be honored to quash any fears anyone may have about doing business with your company. What a beautiful surprise the newer customers will have.

Totally pleased customer,"

 -E. CHRISTINA DABIS, Treasurer & Tax Collector, County of Nevada, State of California

"I can't get over what a great job you've done. Usually when I work with someone technically oriented (web designers etc.) the end result is a million little glitches that take weeks to straighten out. (which is why in the end I've been just trying to figure out how to do it myself) Here you did this really messy complicated thing -- and no glitches. Amazing. Thank you so much!"
- Claudia, (Custom Programming Customer)

"I am a system administrator for a small finance company in Fairless Hills, Pa. In March of this year I searched the internet for weeks on different search engines trying to find the best and cheapest program for accepting checks over the phone and also over the internet. In my search, I found many stand-alone programs but most were very complicated and expensive (as high as $500). Your Vcheck program is so simple because it is a Microsoft Word document. I was already familiar with Mail Merge in Word and caught on very quickly. I also wanted the checks to be changed for my business needs and your support team acted and responded very quickly. We have now been using your product for 3 months and am very happy to refer anyone to your company. Our collections department would like to extend a special Thank You. Our collections has risen 27% in the last 2 months due to Vcheck. Again, thank you and keep up the great work in the future."
- Dave G., System Administrator,

"I just wanted to thank you and the company for it's honesty. Most companies would have processed the order and not worried if I had the old program registration number of not. But your company took the time and gave me a chance to find it which saved me $70. I thank you again and will make sure I recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a good search engine submitter. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who would have an interest. Your business practices should not go un-noticed. Please keep up the great work."
- M. Frend, President, The Way House.Com

"I too am a programmer with a small online software company, and I just want to tell you that you are an inspiration to me. You really do make the effort to keep in touch with your customers. Well done. I get the feeling you are dedicated to those who have spent good money on your product[s]. This is a return to good old fashioned values, and is to be commended most highly."
- Duncan - ChalkSoft Educational Software

"Your tech support [is] doing a great job! I have been in this industry for over 12 years, I've done software development and customer support for many years. ...take it from me, I've seen the best and the worst, you guys are at the top of the list. I don't find many folks that will admit to a problem, then continue to update their users until a fix comes out. .. Please, keep up the good work!
- Timothy T. - from

"It is a rare thing I witnessed during your trials and tribulations of [one of your software problems]. The way you have handled this and your honesty is to be commended. By being upfront and saying "we have a problem" and "we are going to fix it ASAP" is a breath of fresh air in the software industry that a certain multi-billionaire should take notice of. ...Thanks again for your professionalism and for caring about your customer first and the almighty dollar, second."
- Rockie G. - from

"Just a note to say that I appreciate your efforts. As a webmaster for some time, I've used a thousand internet programs over the years . . . some lock up the system, others sabotage the registry, etc. But NEVER have I received better back-end support and upgrade information than from you. . . . You deserve and have my thanks for providing a quality product and service. Tip o' the hat. Best Regards.
- Brian G., from LanGard MicroDevelopers LLC

"Again you have shown yourselves to be the best biz in regards to customer support A great product and quick responses to all questions, that is a combo that is sure to allow you continued growth. Again my thanks for your service and product."
- Douglas W., from

"Thanks for the prompt response. As always your service and dedication to your product are setting the standard that I judge others by. "
- Robert N., from

"As you probably know english is not my natural language so I'm sorry we can't express how much we thank YOU because of the time you dedicate us. In our opinion you are the best system support of the world and we wish you, you workmates and your familiy only the best things, seems that you care for your customes like if they were your friends so we must care you providers (at least providers like you) as our friends - GOD bless you - saludos y todo nuestro respeto."
- Oscar T. from Argentina (

The next message was sent directly to the President of the company:

  "You're a hell of a good human being and business person!!! It's good to see it's not an oxymoron.
  Through your emails, I have been keeping up with this continuing saga of sorts and wanted to send you some additional encouragement, moral support and a salute for a job well done under what I'm sure has been some very difficult circumstances and trying times.
  You've got a customer for life here. I commend you on your fortitude and more than fair dealings. I am self-employed but if there were more people like you, I might not continue to be.
  You're a stand up act. I wish you much good will, good luck and good business. You are A+, and deserve MUCH, SUCCESS and then some....A more than satisfied and impressed customer."
- Steve L., from

"You have my support too! 1000% of it. Thanks a million for everything, especially the professional way in which you support your products and customers. "
- Michael D., from

" I just wanted to say that I appreciate all your efforts to keep your customers happy. No matter how it all turns out, it's nice doing business with someone who puts their client's interests before their own financial gain. Count me in as one of your supporters! "
- Shera G., from

"I just wanted to let you know that I am intimately familiar with product support issues and business law. I recognize and appreciate your going above and beyond the norm and it only solidifies my decision to use your services and products in the future."
- Marshall K., from

The following was received after one of the programs we sell developed a temporary bug:

"I just wanted to encourage you and thank you for your honesty and fairness in trying to resolve your problems. It would be easy to leave us all hanging, but you have chosen the much harder and difficult route. I thank you for being such a reputable businessman. Once things are hammered out  with your problems, I would like to offer you some free advertising space on my website. "
- Joe M., from

"You have proven to me now and in the past that I have chosen the right company for my web promotional tools. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for your ongoing support."
- Rob G., from